Lifetime Registered Horses Not Declared For the All-Breeds Program

Horses that are currently NOT in the All-Breeds Award Program

This list includes USDF Lifetime registered horses with at least one score for the current competition year, which do not have a declaration for the All-Breeds award program. This list is in alphabetical order by horse name, as registered with USDF, and is updated daily.

If you wish to have your horse removed from this list, please contact

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Horse Name / Primary Breed Owner / Lessee Zip Breed Registries Papers
on File
1135245 J'oie De Vie /
Dutch Warmblood
Brandye Randermann 77494 Not On Record No
1138555 Jabadabadoo VZH /
Dutch Warmblood
Chase Shipka 20115 Not On Record No
1130466 Jack Daniels /
Kimberly Francisco 23120 Not On Record No
1129797 Jack Sparrow /
Felicia Balzano 78239 Not On Record No
1136590 Jackie O /
Appendix Quarter Horse
Alexis Trendowski 27231 Not On Record No
1134964 Jalisco ER /
Yvonne Losos De Muniz 33414 Not On Record No
1085334 Jamestown /
Friesian Cross
Lauren Kimmel 21798 Not On Record No
1132406 Janeva /
Dutch Warmblood
Patti Blackmore 63353 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1132406 Janeva /
Dutch Warmblood
Amber Dudley T7A 1 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1119385 Jannu /
Rebecca Hyde-Edwards 92101 Not On Record No
1131647 Jantasy Ashlanes /
Dutch Warmblood
Robbie Rice 37932 Not On Record No
1114092 Jax W /
Joan White 19352 Not On Record No
1133977 Jayne SGS /
Dutch Warmblood
Kalli Bowles 95829 Not On Record No
1134252 Jazper /
Dutch Warmblood
Ann Blythe 91030 Not On Record No
1122019 Jazz Meyer /
Marta Renilla 77375 Westfalisches Pferdestammbuch e.V. Yes
1106107 Jazzy /
Quarter Horse
Janel Martin 70437 Not On Record No
1133133 Jazzy Zone /
Christine Rossomondo 21701 Not On Record No
1123919 Jeep /
Lusitano Cross
Joanne Trout 33449 Not On Record No
1110263 Jense /
Lydia Dennis 39503 Koninklijke vereniging Het Friesch Paarden Stamboek Yes
1135526 Jeoperty /
Dutch Warmblood
Kylie Britt 33478 Not On Record No
1130509 Jerrytale A /
Danish Warmblood
Tory Names 93023 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1133872 Jesperado /
Dutch Warmblood
Julia Denton 75006 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1114372 Jessie James /
Friesian Sporthorse
Lisa Wagner 28146 Not On Record No
1135634 Jestis Fifty Cent /
Danish Warmblood
Linda Holste 37064 Not On Record No
1121882 Jewel's Goldstrike /
Dutch Warmblood
Eliane Cordia Van Reesema 06853 Not On Record No
1097527 Jezebelle /
Grayson Hutchins 29466 Not On Record No
1116104 Jildert Fan Jonkershuzen /
Julie Unvert 90275 Not On Record No
1129586 Jim /
Dutch Warmblood
Debbie Peecook 94559 Not On Record No
1136125 Jingsz /
Dutch Warmblood
Kelley Corrigan-Dammeyer 21617 Not On Record No
1117176 Johnnie Walker /
Kelley Corrigan-Dammeyer 21617 Verband der Zuchter des Oldenburger Pferdes e.V. Yes
1133134 Jojo /
Mimi Nolan 75225 Not On Record No
1028183 Jokers Wild /
Blake Brandon 32754 Not On Record No
1136380 Jolene JP /
Dutch Warmblood
Franziska Seidl 32668 Not On Record No
1139307 Joplin /
Dutch Warmblood
Noell Lacy 76710 Not On Record No
1136001 Jordan WRF /
Dutch Warmblood
Cathy Jones 85297 Not On Record No
1114253 Josapheen /
Half Arabian
Carlos  Chavez 87199 Not On Record No
1121354 JP Orion /
JP Giacomini 40330 International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association Yes
1130201 Julinda M /
Dutch Warmblood
Meredith Kenyon 40511 Not On Record No
1136381 Jumper Do Vouga /
Naida-Ann Mirza 30308 Not On Record No
1110761 Just A Little Cookie /
Courtney Cahill 85383 Not On Record No
1135840 Just A London Lady /
Dutch Warmblood
Nancy Burba 74075 Not On Record No
1107734 Just Another Babe /
Laurel Brown 03811 Not On Record No
1090153 Just Georgie /
American Warmblood
Kathryn Bennett 20112 Not On Record No
1130903 Just Like A Rose /
Jocelyn Deschene 29853 Not On Record No
1136703 Just Wait /
Welsh Cross
Maryellen Bond 76542 Not On Record No
1107440 Justice /
Suzanne Graham 32259 Pferdezuchtverband Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar e.V. Yes