GMO Voting Strength Determination Tool

A GMO's member count as of September 1 of the current year is used to determine the number of delegates and votes the GMO is permitted at the annual Board of Governors (BOG) meeting. However, the actual number of members on the roster (dues submitted) is not necessarily the number of members counted for voting strength. If a group member has joined more than one GMO, they are eligible to receive a refund for any additional GMOs they are a member of. In doing so, they must declare which GMO they want their primary affiliation, which is where their membership is counted for voting strength. For the other GMO(s) that they are a member of, they are dropped from the member count for voting strength purposes. A GMO is allotted 1 delegate per 200 members, and 1 vote per 25 members.

# of Members # of Votes # of Delegates