2024 Young Rider Qualifying Results & Standings

How do the rankings work?
  • *NEW FOR 2021 – two score sets will be required instead of three*
  • The Team Average and Individual Average will appear in green when at least 2 scores of each type have been met.
  • The Overall Average will appear in green when at least 2 team scores, 2 individual scores, a freestyle score of at least 65 and the overall average of 64% have all been achieved.
  • The Team Score and Individual Score will appear in red when it is the dropped score in the calculations for the average.
  • The Submit Certificate of Capability link will appear in blue beside your horse’s name once your Overall Average appears in green.
  • Once the Certificate of Capability is processed by staff, Certificate of Capablilty Complete will appear in green beside your horse’s name.

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Region 5

Rider Name Horse Name Team Average Individual Average Overall Average
Jessica Nordqvist (Nordqvist) First Date 65.588 65.074
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Kali Riddell (Riddell) #Hashtag 61.691 63.750
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