Regional Coordinators/Chefs

Each USDF Region has a Regional Coordinator who may or may not also serve as the Chef d’Equipe. The coordinator is your first line of communication. They can answer any questions about the application and qualifying process, the competitions and how to prepare for your trip.

USDF Regional Coordinators & Chef d’Equipe:

Region 1: Deborah A DelGiorno, Coordinator, Young Rider Chef d’Equipe

Region 1: Nicole DelGiorno, Junior Chef d'Equipe

Region 2: Roz Kinstler, Coordinator

Region 2: Erica Furkis, Chef d’Equipe

Region 3: Elizabeth Molloy, Coordinator

Region 4: Nancy Gorton, Coordinator

Region 5: Joan Clay, Coordinator

Region 6: Nicki Grandia, Coordinator, Chef d’Equipe

Region 7: Ann Boehning, Coordinator

Region 8: Jennifer Dillon, Coordinator

Region 9: Becky Brown, Coordinator