Lifetime Registered Horses Not Declared For the All-Breeds Program

Horses that are currently NOT in the All-Breeds Award Program

This list includes USDF Lifetime registered horses with at least one score for the current competition year, which do not have a declaration for the All-Breeds award program. This list is in alphabetical order by horse name, as registered with USDF, and is updated daily.

If you wish to have your horse removed from this list, please contact

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Horse Name / Primary Breed Owner / Lessee Zip Breed Registries Papers
on File
1126016 Eager /
Dutch Warmblood
Katherine Hauck 85716 Not On Record No
1129463 Ebanisto KR /
Carly Costello 19355 Not On Record No
1085798 Echo /
Warmblood Cross
Maureen Leyden 46220 Not On Record No
1134597 Echo /
Swedish Warmblood
Rebecca Rose 28315 Not On Record No
1116781 Edel Blume /
Hilda Roberta Maestri 70448 Not On Record No
1134830 Eduardo De Regente RIS /
Audris Griffith 78633 Not On Record No
1135830 Ee To Kinzie /
Natalie Rideau 70118 Not On Record No
1055669 Eeyore /
Connemara Cross
Linda Lester 32547 Not On Record No
1105924 Ehrensache WHF /
Stephany Fish 33523 Not On Record No
1123503 Einstein D /
Dutch Warmblood
Isabel Linder 48346 Not On Record No
1089937 EKO V. /
Dutch Warmblood
Kate Ginise 43023 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1127995 El Corona Texel /
Dutch Warmblood
Rowan O'Riley 02481 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1136689 Electra /
Dutch Warmblood
Ashley Corbin 27406 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1129057 Electra DDJ /
Dutch Warmblood
Siena Harris-Gissler 10011 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1106995 Elite /
Dutch Warmblood
Tracy Kelley 06880 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1124266 Elithan /
Dutch Warmblood
Sarah Isham 77094 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1137391 Elle Escuda /
Cindi Mellor 93619 Not On Record No
1129900 Ellington /
Lauren Sprieser 20115 Not On Record No
1129900 Ellington /
Beverley Thomas 20187 Not On Record No
1102973 Ellington HMF /
Dutch Warmblood
Cheryl Quinn 33935 KWPN of North America Inc. Yes
1102973 Ellington HMF /
Dutch Warmblood
Holly Skubic 33901 KWPN of North America Inc. Yes
1137833 Elmar /
Dutch Warmblood
Nicole Levy 33414 Not On Record No
1103887 Elsbeth's Shiloh /
Kristen Young 40241 Not On Record No
1092385 EM Chalk One Up /
Stacy Markel 48104 American Hanoverian Society Yes
1131506 Emerald Bay /
Katie Hansen 14618 Not On Record No
1101411 Emerald View /
Irish Sport Horse
Vanessa Elliott 10914 Not On Record No
1100893 Emma /
Dutch Warmblood
Meghan Schluckbier 37069 Not On Record No
1105926 Emmanuella /
Dutch Warmblood
Laura Mitchell 03909 Not On Record No
1135147 Emmy /
Maren Epstein 07078 Verband der Zuchter des Holsteiner Pferdes e.V. Yes
1128369 Encanto /
Pamela Winters 27522 Not On Record No
1137534 Equirelle /
Dutch Warmblood
Louise Leatherdale 55356 Not On Record No
1134244 Eragon VO /
Sarah Bushong-Weeks 80209 Not On Record No
1104607 Erivo /
Dutch Warmblood
Jill Hardt 33567 Not On Record No
1125897 Eros /
Dutch Warmblood
Maggie Korey 05445 Not On Record No
1115658 Eros /
Dutch Warmblood
Mary Zorzit-Mattingly 33470 Not On Record No
1139672 Erotico Interagro /
Jennifer Brown 34990 Not On Record No
1111298 Escapada /
Mimi Junick 87047 Not On Record No
1123125 Especial LM /
Pura Raza Espanola
Janine Hill 37777 Not On Record No
1115459 Espresso X /
Pura Raza Espanola
Angie Gress 34241 ANCCE - Asociacion Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Espanola Yes
1115459 Espresso X /
Pura Raza Espanola
Donna Gress 34241 ANCCE - Asociacion Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Espanola Yes
1134816 Estelle /
Eliane Cordia Van Reesema 06853 Not On Record No
1139970 Evan's Aurora /
Welsh Pony
Laura Bartram 92025 Not On Record No
1119982 Ever So /
Paint Cross
Wendy Suprenant 03055 American Paint Horse Association Yes
1139673 Everybody Loves Raymond /
Spanish Norman
Catherine Bryant 37377 Not On Record No
1115970 Evil Munchkin /
Sandra Holden 10570 Verband der Zuchter des Holsteiner Pferdes e.V. Yes
1114715 Evita /
Dutch Warmblood
Lucy Tidd 20837 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1118399 Excalibur /
Delight Willing 98110 Associacao Portuguesa De Criadores Do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano Yes
1105699 Exodus /
Dutch Warmblood
Joanne Sekor 01106 KWPN of North America Inc. Yes
1118012 Expect The Unexpected /
American Warmblood
Catherine Petersen 03057 Not On Record No
1117609 Extravaganza /
Dutch Warmblood
Leigh Taylor R3C 2 Not On Record No
1099505 Eye Catcher /
Dutch Warmblood
Karen Young 32696 Not On Record No
1138732 Eyecatcher SRF /
Dutch Warmblood
Shelley Van Den Neste 32669 Not On Record No