Lifetime Registered Horses Not Declared For the All-Breeds Program

Horses that are currently NOT in the All-Breeds Award Program

This list includes USDF Lifetime registered horses with at least one score for the current competition year, which do not have a declaration for the All-Breeds award program. This list is in alphabetical order by horse name, as registered with USDF, and is updated daily.

If you wish to have your horse removed from this list, please contact

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Horse Name / Primary Breed Owner / Lessee Zip Breed Registries Papers
on File
1096019 V.I.P. /
Dutch Warmblood
Mary Ann Miller 84402 Not On Record No
1130724 Va Siempre /
Mikayla Clement 32736 Not On Record No
1130346 Vai Vai /
Dutch Warmblood
Susan Dunk 20158 Not On Record No
1139482 Valen Fajor /
Pura Raza Espanola
Mary Ann Miller 84402 Not On Record No
1139669 Valentine /
Friesian Cross
Sarah Baker 28387 Not On Record No
1137866 Valentino /
Megan Moos 78620 Not On Record No
1139609 Valiant-O-Manda /
Dutch Warmblood
Nicole Zoet 85028 Not On Record No
1081087 Valour /
Dutch Warmblood
Jennifer Arntsen 92117 Not On Record No
1136173 Vamor /
Dutch Warmblood
Grace Weil 36532 Not On Record No
1106163 Vangens Star-Light /
Danish Warmblood
Mary Hankey 77027 Dansk Varmblod Yes
1135087 Vanilla Ice /
Pura Raza Espanola
Kyle McIver 33449 Not On Record No
1093601 Vanity /
Selena Wilson 40031 Not On Record No
1130984 Veda /
Emma Stokes 30341 Not On Record No
1120174 Velvet Cyte /
Maren Cochran 86334 Not On Record No
1081400 Veni /
Dutch Warmblood
Lou Roth 30004 Not On Record No
1118245 Vento Haragano HM /
Jamie Barowka 70438 Not On Record No
1140005 Vermillion SHL /
Dutch Harness Horse
Carla Salak 33411 Not On Record No
1137156 Verragio /
Holsteiner Cross
Taylor Bruneau 01835 Not On Record No
1137156 Verragio /
Holsteiner Cross
Allie Ketzler 03811 Not On Record No
1137156 Verragio /
Holsteiner Cross
Faye Ketzler 03811 Not On Record No
1129253 Vested Interest /
Danish Warmblood
Anja Fischer 89123 Not On Record No
1136513 Victory March /
Stephanie Field Staner 53820 Not On Record No
1135445 Viento Gris /
Eleanor Thomas 60041 Not On Record No
1123282 Vilayn /
Edith Hirtenstein 89178 Foreign Papers On File Yes
1136497 Vincenzo 14 /
Tiffany Silverman 92067 Not On Record No
1090290 Vinci /
Natalie Bellar-Sakes 46304 Koninklijke vereniging Het Friesch Paarden Stamboek Yes
1090290 Vinci /
Andrew Sakes 46304 Koninklijke vereniging Het Friesch Paarden Stamboek Yes
1042265 Vinkenhove Nelson /
Belgian Warmblood Cross
Jodie Kelly 32541 Belgisch Welsh Pony & Cob Stamboek Yes
1131432 Vintage /
Sandra Pulliam 30277 Verband Hannoverscher Warmblutzuchter E.V. Yes
1130156 Violets 'R Blue /
Gypsy Vanner
Wendy Dean 23430 Not On Record No
1139934 Viveka /
Jamie Carman 95826 Not On Record No
1095988 Vogue /
Swedish Warmblood
Shannon Stone 24541 Not On Record No
1101284 Volansky /
Dutch Warmblood
Oliviah Carr 08302 Not On Record No
1135708 Voltaire /
Petra Zorn-Paspalovski 44236 Koninklijke vereniging Het Friesch Paarden Stamboek Yes
1043690 Volturnus /
Dutch Warmblood
Jennifer Brinkley 28677 Not On Record No