Lifetime Registered Horses Not Declared For the All-Breeds Program

Horses that are currently NOT in the All-Breeds Award Program

This list includes USDF Lifetime registered horses with at least one score for the current competition year, which do not have a declaration for the All-Breeds award program. This list is in alphabetical order by horse name, as registered with USDF, and is updated daily.

If you wish to have your horse removed from this list, please contact

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Horse Name / Primary Breed Owner / Lessee Zip Breed Registries Papers
on File
1090287 ZACK /
Dutch Warmblood
Svetlana Von Wernich 40502 Not On Record No
1122038 Zaffier /
Dutch Warmblood
Karen Newsom 97133 Not On Record No
1137995 Zafira MWF /
Sherri Garner 24531 Not On Record No
1126152 Zalsa /
Dutch Warmblood
Haley Barrett 48359 Not On Record No
1122888 Zanzibar /
Dutch Warmblood
Gany Lalo-Cohen 33330 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1135621 Zappy /
Dutch Warmblood
Lauren Satterfield 28277 Not On Record No
1128220 Zara /
Swedish Warmblood
Anna Blomdahl 90036 Not On Record No
1133164 Zara /
American Warmblood
Stephanie Wiman 77024 Not On Record No
1067952 Zarcita /
Dutch Warmblood
Leslie Waterman 37067 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1066574 Zarek P /
Dutch Warmblood
Max Gerdes 95918 Not On Record No
1139247 Zeaball Diawind /
Danish Warmblood
Christina Holtzheuser Morgan 93003 Not On Record No
1104084 Zen /
Dutch Warmblood
Katlyn Flett 33405 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1092235 Zepelim /
Katrina Sadis 33414 Foreign Papers On File Yes
1101053 Zeppelin /
Jeff Murtha 75010 Not On Record No
1101053 Zeppelin /
Emilee Spinelli 75070 Not On Record No
1135506 Zeppelin /
Ann Wilson 23112 Not On Record No
1136983 Zhivago /
Dutch Warmblood
Anna Hichborn Dunlap 40516 Not On Record No
1107926 Zidane /
Dutch Warmblood
Becky Shealy 29128 Not On Record No
1133683 Zidane D /
Dutch Warmblood
Maddy Cornman 23112 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1137268 Ziggy Stardust /
Holsteiner Cross
Ellie Bizot 30066 Not On Record No
1123147 Ziggy Stardust /
Canadian Warmblood
Diana Summers 78411 Not On Record No
1120762 Zima /
Dutch Harness Horse
Scnobia Stewart 27231 Not On Record No
1128686 Zinco VO /
Tina Darmohray 94065 Not On Record No
1121656 Zip Two Dust /
Rosanna Goetsch 76258 Not On Record No
1110511 Ziva /
Koby Robson 28387 Not On Record No
1117806 Zivachi /
Dutch Warmblood
Susan Glisson 23047 Not On Record No
1124907 Zoey /
Welsh Cob
Meghan Benge 29856 Not On Record No
1123963 Zonnekoning C /
Dutch Warmblood
Rebecca Lord 34482 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1138423 Zornik /
Lucy Parsons 29512 Not On Record No
1138423 Zornik /
Beth Parsons Bird 28387 Not On Record No
1134455 Zoro /
Dutch Warmblood
Laura Swain 33556 Not On Record No
1080834 Zuarte Interagro /
Katherine Adams 05077 Not On Record No
1135531 Zucaro BF /
Robyn Thomas 30755 Not On Record No
1079894 Zuccherro /
Dutch Warmblood
Shannon Fitzgibbon 94044 Kwpn-Royal Dutch Sporthorse Yes
1116315 Zuver Mazzel CHF /
Dutch Warmblood
Helen Bergquist 35756 Not On Record No